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Proven Processes. Driving Success Since 1995.

Shift into high gear with Performance Management Group. Our strategic approach puts your dealership on the fast track to increased profits and performance.

Auto Dealership Consulting | Proven Process Driving Your Success

Accelerate Success,
Outpace Competition

Turbocharge your dealership’s growth with PMG’s evaluation and expert training. Stay ahead of the curve and leave the competition in the rearview mirror.

At the heart of every successful dealership is a robust evaluation system. Our comprehensive diagnostic approach meticulously assesses every facet of your operations, identifying areas ripe for improvement and innovation. With our precision evaluation, we lay the groundwork for transformative growth, ensuring that every gear in your business is tuned to perfection.

Unleash the full potential of your team with our tailored training programs. Designed to turbocharge skills and knowledge, our training sessions are the fuel that powers your staff to outperform and excel. Whether it’s sales tactics, financial services acumen, or customer service excellence, our training ensures your team is equipped to win in the competitive automotive arena. LEARN MORE

Our tracking systems are the compass that guides your dealership to its desired destination. By capturing key performance indicators and providing actionable insights, we ensure that your journey towards success is always on course. With our finger on the pulse of your business, we help you steer clear of obstacles and accelerate towards your goals with confidence.


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Years Consulting

We leverage our vast experience to drive better results for your dealership.

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Proud to advise 60+ auto dealerships in New England.

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Industry Credentials

For starters, we are members of AFIP and MSADA and certified by MOSAIC .

Fine-Tune Your Team,
Master the Market

We provide training in all areas of Sales and Financial Services: from recruiting and training new people, to advanced menu presentation techniques for the Financial Services office.

Optimize sales and customer satisfaction with expert financial service management, tailored presentations, and balanced compensation strategies.

Auto Dealership Consulting| Financial Services Development
Promote from within and keep your management bench loaded with our Next Person Up Training. Our Program helps you identify and train your next management team.
Auto Dealership Consulting | Performance Academy

Stay ahead with compliance: Ensure your dealership thrives with AFIP-certified managers and up-to-date legal adherence

Auto Dealership Consulting | AFIP Certification

The most effective way to improve your sales department’s performance is to have a consistent training program.

Auto Dealership Consultin | Sales Training

Meet the Drivers of Success

From the strategic visionaries to the detail-oriented executors, our collective expertise is your gateway to a thriving dealership. Get to know the experts who will be navigating your journey to peak performance and profitability.

Dale Ducasse
Mark Ross
VP of Dealer Development - Principal
Michael Arnold
Account Executive

"Your Success is Our Success."

Shift Expectations & Drive Profit

Drive your dealership to its full potential. PMG's precision-focused strategies and training elevate your team to peak performance and profitability.

You have options. With our vast VSC experience we will help you select the best option based on your needs.

Auto Dealership Consulting | Service Plans​

Offer Your Customers The Best Coverage Available Including Curb and Cosmetic Coverage.

Auto Dealership Consulting | Wheel & Tire​

We only offer the best. 
Make sure your customer has the right coverage when they need it. 

Auto Dealership Consulting | GAP
While only a percentage of vehicles are deemed a total loss after an accident, ALL of them suffer a loss in value.
Auto Dealership Consulting | Paintless Dent & Ding Repair

Client Chronicles:
Success in the Fast Lane

Every testimonial is a milestone in our shared race to the top. Our clients' experiences spotlight the pit stops and victories on the road to dealership dominance.

Tremendous Results..

We have tried all of the big national companies and have been disappointed by their level of service.  We chose Performance Management Group because we felt that they were big enough to help but small enough to care.  And we were right!!!  The results have been tremendous.

A Part Of The Team..

During our 20+ year relationship with PMG, we have had steady growth in our F&I Departments and maintained the high level of CSI we expect.  They have become a welcome and respected part of our management team.