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The most comprehensive products on the market

There are many Product Providers to choose from today, and it can be difficult to stay current.  PMG will evaluate your needs and partner you with the Provider that best fits your needs.  We only associate ourselves with Companies that have proven their commitment to be the very best, with coverage that is written to pay claims, not deny them with “fine print.”  All our products are insured by A-rated companies and are F&I Sentinel approved.  You can be confident that, with any product we recommend, the resources are in place to protect you and your customers.

Window/Body Panel Etch

Maximize Vehicle Security with Window/Body Panel Etch: Our service marks your vehicle with unique codes for theft deterrence and easy recovery, registered in a national law enforcement database. Benefit from up to $5,000 in financial protection, free code replacements, and availability for all new and used vehicles up to 5 years old. The service is transferable for a $25 fee, with benefits paid directly to you through the dealership.

  • Vehicle is permanently marked (body panel or glass)with traceable identification codes
  • Codes are registered to customer and are listed in a national database used by law enforcement agencies
  • Deters theft
  • Aids in recovery
  • Offers a financial benefit up to $5,000
  • Free replacement codes for registered vehicles
  • Available on 100% of vehicles – new and used
  • No activation necessary
  • Available on vehicle up to 7 years
  • Transferable – $25 transfer fee
  • Benefit checks are made payable to customer and sent to dealership