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The most comprehensive products on the market

There are many Product Providers to choose from today, and it can be difficult to stay current.  PMG will evaluate your needs and partner you with the Provider that best fits your needs.  We only associate ourselves with Companies that have proven their commitment to be the very best, with coverage that is written to pay claims, not deny them with “fine print.”  All our products are insured by A-rated companies and are F&I Sentinel approved.  You can be confident that, with any product we recommend, the resources are in place to protect you and your customers.

Environmental Protection Agreement

This plan offers extensive coverage against environmental damages like acid rain, tree sap, and more, both inside and out, using advanced Ceramic Glass resin and DuPont Teflon® technologies. Enjoy added benefits like rental car coverage during claims, a one-time application with lifetime piece of mind, and a $0 deductible, all backed by an A-rated insurer.

  • Provides coverage for conditions that are specifically excluded by all of the manufacturers paint warranties.
  • Provides exterior warranty coverage against Acid Rain, Tree Sap, Bird Waste, Water Spotting, Insects, Spray Paint etc.
  • Utilizes an exclusive Ceramic Glass resin technology that bonds with the paint
  • Provides interior warranty coverage for the seats, floor mats and carpets against food dyes (typically found in sports drinks and food products). Utilizes DuPont Teflon® Technology
  • Rental Car Coverage for Five Days @ $50.00 Dollars Per Day for any interior or exterior claim
  • One time application, good for the life of the vehicle.
  • Coverage will Repair or Paint up to the NADA value of the vehicle
  • Each Contract Fully Insured With A Rated Insurer
  • $0 Deductible