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Comprehensive Fleet Care

Precision in Every Turn with PMG's Vehicle Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to keep your fleet at the forefront of efficiency and reliability. Whether it's routine upkeep or complex diagnostics, our tailored solutions are crafted to maintain the smooth running of your vehicles. Trust our team of experts to provide top-notch service that steers your fleet towards success.

Bi-Weekly Payment Plans

Our Bi-Weekly Payment Plans enable them to shorten their loan terms and build equity faster, all without raising their monthly expenses. With secure, automated payments that can be scheduled to align with paydays, customers enjoy both convenience and financial efficiency. Plus, each plan includes a year of Identity Theft Protection at no extra cost, safeguarding their credit with regular bi-weekly transactions. It’s a win-win solution for faster loan payoff and enhanced financial security.


  • Allow your customer to reduce their loan term and build equity in their vehicle faster without increasing their overall monthly payment
  • Secure and automatic payment can be scheduled for any business day
  • Allows you to match payments to paychecks
  • Protects customer’s credit with bi-weekly ACH transaction
  • 1 year of Identity Theft Protection included at no extra charge