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Comprehensive Fleet Care

Precision in Every Turn with PMG's Vehicle Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to keep your fleet at the forefront of efficiency and reliability. Whether it's routine upkeep or complex diagnostics, our tailored solutions are crafted to maintain the smooth running of your vehicles. Trust our team of experts to provide top-notch service that steers your fleet towards success.

Credit Insurance

Comprehensive Credit Insurance Offerings: Access our Reinsurance Program with competitive rates. Opt for standalone Credit Disability coverage, secure Credit Life coverage for individuals up to age 71, and enjoy Credit Disability support up to $1,000 monthly.

  • Reinsurance Program available
  • Aggressive Rates
  • Credit Disability may be written as standalone coverage
  • Credit Life coverage to age 71
  • Credit Life benefit to $75,000
  • Credit Disability coverage to $1000 per month